57 varieties of Doom

Federal spending for 2013 that is only a tiny bit higher than that in 2012 results in 57 varieties of Doom! Okay then.

2 Responses to “57 varieties of Doom”

  1. Determinatus Says:

    It’s an OUTRAGE I tell you, an OUTRAGE!!
    How dare you cut spending by 3%….how can we possibly withstand such DRACONIAN cuts…as if a MEATCLEAVER were taken to the budget…OH WAIT, THERE IS NO BUDGET…

    Oh, wait, it’s not a cut in spending, it’s a cut in the INCREASE in spending…

    Well I tell you it’s still an OUTRAGE!! What about the CHILDREN???

  2. gs Says:

    The GOP should let it be known that, if a sequester occurs, the next Republican administration will scrutinize how federal agencies reacted. Reassignments of administrators will not be off the table. If actual harm occurs—presumably all harm is avoidable under a 3% sequester which still increases spending—, prosecutions will not be off the table. Incomplete or “lost” records will be taken as indications of incompetence and bad faith.

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