Goodbye old religion, hello new religions

Reading this Washington Post piece, we’re struck by the reporter’s absolute moral certainty. He’s all fire and brimstone, but in a New Age way of course. (Taranto has interesting commentary.) Judeo-Christian America is gone, at least for the elites, the academy and the media; in its place are all sorts of new religions.

Technology has a role in this of course. Lifespans have doubled since 1900 and all sorts of modern miracles have appeared. Since we remarked on these changes in 2005, the pace of change has only increased — iPads, iPhones, universal wireless, YouTube, and a world where everything you see comes with subtitles via Google, were all in the future back then.

Hard to say where this all ends. For today we note that this absolute conviction of the young that they are morally superior to everything that has come before carries quite a cost. Very authoritarian, not a good environment for the skeptic. It’s a reminder of why monarchies still exist. There is a natural tendency in man to worship and the king or tyrant is the beneficiary of that. A world where you can sell a tiny reduction in the increase of government as a calamity is a world in which reason and logic have ceased to function. Not good for freedom and self-government.

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