How about building a Kandor on earth?

There’s an amusing and hysterical article at Salon about giving up burgers to save the earth or some such. And now the NYT also reports on CO2 reaching 400PPM somewhere. You know how we take this news. Yawn. We wouldn’t mind it if earth was a little warmer, not that there’s any recent evidence of that. Anyhow, here’s a thought: why not build a Kandor on earth, an enclosed environment given its own atmosphere, this one with, say, 2000PPM CO2. Let’s see what the results are. Maybe this has already been done, but we haven’t read about it. Probably pretty expensive, but surely less expensive than the things proposed by the catastrophic AGW crowd (which India, China, etc. will never implement anyhow). And you can charge admission to defray the costs.

(At BOTW, Taranto points out that non-CO2 particles are also at an alarmingly high number: 996,600PPM.)

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  1. gs Says:

    1. Against my better judgment, I clicked on the first link.

    Please tell me Salon is a parody site. Please.

    2. I submitted a comment that mentioned experiments along the lines of what you proposed. The hyperlink therein may have gotten the comment, which IMHO is relevant to the post, sucked into your spam filter.

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