A sad state of affairs

Here’s where we are in the USA in 2013: warming is the “global threat of our time”. Huh??? The usual suspects (Post, Telegraph) deride the speech. Yawn. (What about that really odd one in Belfast?) Most of the journalists of today don’t care that it’s all rubbish, except when it’s their ox that’s being gored, and then only for a moment. They agree with the nonsense from the faculty lounge; it’s the way they were raised, and they self-selected to get close to power. Meanwhile GOP fools delude themselves, preferring fantasy to reality in order to do something “comprehensive.” The media, the last two generations of public and higher education, and the stupidity and cupidity of the Republican Party have created a real mess. We’re not sure that there’s any hope for the country. Are we too pessimistic?

3 Responses to “A sad state of affairs”

  1. Bosun Says:

    Realistic is more accurate. The decline seams unstoppable.

  2. TellTheTruth Says:

    “Are we too pessimistic?”

    Sadly, no. Too optimistic. You still think there is a “country”.

    Instead there are those who remember it, and TWANLOC.

  3. Dave J Says:

    The issue is that there is no accountability….or term limits.

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