What fools these mortals be

Hugh Hewitt:

Corker-Hoeven may have averted a train wreck, with Senators Schumer, McCain and Graham realizing that the only way to get the regularization they want is to build the fence the voters demand. Anti-regularization forces will automatically say the amendment is not enough and that it is window-dressing. I was prepared to do the same yesterday when early reports suggested it was merely a press release and not a fence guarantee. If the fence isn’t there or is ambiguous in its design or construction schedule, I’ll be back in the “kill the bill” camp. But for now it seems the Senate has successfully completed step one of immigration reform. It may be one step forward and two steps back when we see the actual language, but for the time being, I hope the GOP got one right. If it did, we can thank Marco Rubio. One last thought: If a commission is needed to certify anything, name the commissioners in the bill and spell out their duties. Pick people who bring credibility to the table, and avoid confirmation battles and gamesmanship down the road. Spell. It. Out. If the majority and minority in both houses get two each, fine; let’s have the eight names and their alternates as well. Nothing to chance, no chance for nothing. Trust but verify, as the Gipper used to say.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are no longer three co-equal branches of government. There’s Congress, the judiciary and a souped-up executive-media-academy-regulatory apparatus that does pretty much whatever it pleases. “Trust but verify?” Puh-leeze. Have the conservative pundits and GOP legislators learned nothing over the past five years? A thousand page bill here, 2000 page bills here and there, and enforcement that rewards friends and punishes enemies. What fools these mortals be.

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  1. gs Says:

    A pundit who talks like a fool may, instead, be bought and paid for.

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