Ditto, again

In Egypt 2 1/2 years ago, nearly half the people were illiterate, the majority lived on a few dollars a day, and polls show that vast majorities approved of awful things. Now the MB’s performance has killed its only good industry. The country has no foreign reserves and the people have no food. Spengler discusses all of this with a good word for Prince Bandar of KSA — at least in comparison with American officials. The US would do well to refrain from statements given as though from Mount Olympus in messes like this. But we’ve been saying that for four or five years now.

(For a strange mix of images, not really about Egypt, but somehow apt, there’s this.)

(Another oddity, this one from Ledeen: “opium-addicted supreme leader unable to impose order.” Is that the same supreme leader as this?)

Final point: WRM uses the word drivel. Indeed.

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