The absurd and the non-absurd

It’s hard to keep up these days. What happens when narcissistic excess combines with a deep sense of victimhood and the Chicago Way? Andrew McCarthy knows very well what happens. It’s bad. Another aspect of this victimhood compulsion can be found in absurd things like this. We’re all victims of corporate greed killing the planet, don’t cha know? So much for domestic policy/politics.

In foreign affairs, this victimhood business gets more complicated of course because your media friends can’t control the narrative. So you wind up with one day Assad being a reformer and then ten minutes later he’s a really bad guy. First he’s the victim of wayward western policy, and then there are more victimmy victims in Syria. Same story with even less coherence in the case of the MB and Morsi.

So in both domestic and foreign affairs we know what we’re dealing with and it’s not good, not good at all. All the more reason to focus on things like the Australian woman waking up with a French accent and the Swedish gentleman named Johan Ek finding out he is actually US Navy aviation mechanic Michael Boatwright.

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