Odds and ends

We’re tired of the usual blah-blah today so we’ll just make a couple of comments. This chart at Belmont Club is simply bizarre. There are very odd people abroad in the land. Even more bizarre is this piece in the Daily Mail. Possibly an extended joke along the line of the post-modernist spoofing that goes on in the science world from time to time?

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  1. gs Says:

    There are very odd people abroad in the land.

    The Internet may be helping them make each other even odder:

    Murdoch University-led research has found that social interaction is a key mechanism in individuals radicalising into extremists.

    Lead researcher Dr Emma Thomas said the study provides evidence that the radicalisation process requires two elements: ‘prompts’ from others supporting the idea that only radical action can achieve change; and social interaction.

    “Over the past decade, investigators have confronted the fact that very little evidence exists to support the idea that political extremism is caused by psychopathology,” Dr Thomas said.

    While I wouldn’t draw conclusions from a single study, these investigators may be on to something.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Yes. I saw the chart over at BC. Why is the chart bizarre? I am not surprised that whites dominate the occupations listed. There are reasons for that but we dare not speak them.

    As for the Daily Mail piece, it is true that pigs are physiologically very close to humans. However a pig has 38 chromosomes while a chimp has 48. Don’t see how they could produce an offspring with such a miss matched chromosome number. So, why not try it in the lab and find out whether this woman is full of BS or not?

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