It’s only getting worse

The song above dates from 1926, so it’s not quite a century old. This enjoyable rendition is by Whispering Jack Smith, though it only became a #1 hit on the Billboard Charts in the Al Jolson version. (We could spend a lot of time on Billboard #1′s. The year after this song, Hoagy Carmichael wrote Stardust which became a hit multiple times over. The 1940′s featured some great songs. In 1942 a few #1 hits ruled the charts for months at a time. In 1960 a Billboard #1 hit became the highest ranking instrumental in its history.)

AT40 debuted in 1970 and featured a countdown to the Billboard #1 hit record. The source for calculating #1 changed over the years but the concept stayed the same. The #1 hit from a couple of years ago, and a Grammy Award nominee for best song to boot, is a catchy little ditty by Mr. Cee Lo Green whose title might have landed you in jail not so long ago if you were to repeat it on the radio the number of times that Mr. Green does in his song (16 times or so). And there’s much even worse out there from Enrique Inglesias, for example. That was America in 2011, and it’s only gotten worse. The WSJ has a piece on that and so does VDH. There’s got to be a bottom somewhere.

2 Responses to “It’s only getting worse”

  1. Bosun Says:

    There’s got to be a bottom somewhere I have my doubts. It is culture in incredible decline.

  2. gs Says:

    Indeed, Bosun. The term freefall comes to mind.

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