A modest proposal

As almost everyone paying attention knows now, this Washington crew is all about: (a) emotional narratives planned way in advance to advance their agenda and demonize opposition; and (b) spin-and-cover-up in case of snafus. Lights, action, camera! Example from last year’s planning sessions: let’s get the final push for amnesty to coincide with a big Lindsey Graham victory next year in 2014. See? Bi-partisan, get it? Hmmmmm. Better start advertising in Jan 2014 a few new agents for photo ops with the 65,000 cuties, ok? And on and on. Can you possibly doubt this massive media-political collusion at this point? The WoW was planned far in advance as a core theme for the 2012 election, and was introduced by the very nexus of political-media collusion on January 7, 2012 to start the new year right. And on and on and on. It’s the same tiresome story, over and over again.

So when we see the opposition is talking about page 27 of some letter and looking for smoking guns, we wonder, what’s up with that? Toss the green eyeshades and get with the big picture, especially since the media are going to publicly report the spin, however ludicrous it may be, as making any issue at hand a 50-50 thing at best for the opposition. So forget being accountants and go for the gut as best you can. We recommend ridicule, simple and repetitive to gain it some brand equity with the masses. Our leading candidate would be, “if you like your (issue specific thing), you can keep your (issue specific thing). Period.” You’ve heard that somewhere before, yes? Stop with the “nobody believes you.” Instead, make the witness repeat after you, “If you like your email, you can keep your email. Period.” Make him say it three times; if he won’t then you keep repeating it. “If you like your greatest achievement, you can keep your greatest achievement. Period.” And so forth.

Oh, BTW, this proposal isn’t original. It’s rule number five.

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